Research Theme:Potentiality of Sustainable Humanosphere in Contemporary India

Center for the Study of Contemporary India at Kyoto University (KINDAS) will explore the dynamics of present-day India under the research theme of "Sustainable Humanosphere, Society and Politics in Contemporary India". India is full of diversity in terms of culture, religion caste, class, gender etc. While India has developed various technologies, institutions and organizations to enable the diverse population groups to secure its basis of existence, it has also experienced numerous caste, religious and ethnic conflicts. Presently, India’s global presence is growing in both political and economic spheres. The importance of international relationships as well as the transnational networks of NRIs, finance and information is increasing for India. On the other hand, the regional and class gap between the rich and the poor is increasing, and it is becoming an urgent task to provide for basic human needs (food, residence, education, medical care and jobs) to those who have been marginalized. Politics and society in India are becoming more complex following the diversification of people’s lives.

In this respect, the Center for the Study of Contemporary India at Kyoto University (KINDAS) aims to analyze the changing process of people’s lives in India from the perspective of sustainable humanosphere (socio-ecological environment for human life), and examine its relationships with the changes in politics and society at glocal levels.>>Detail

Research Group 2:India as a Contact Zone

India has created a unique multi-cultural world through conflicts, merging and grouping of diverse cultural elements, peoples, and religions. Today, it is assuming increasingly pluralistic and complex characteristics due to the process of globalization where information, people, and goods pass through it at quantities and speeds previously unimaginable. The goal of this project is to uncover the structure and dynamics of present-day India, not only through analysis of discourses, representations, and group dynamics, but also by concentrating on the conflicts, creations, and changes within social life observed from the standpoint of the individual.>>Detail

Research Group 3: Indian Politics under Globalization

The aim of this project is to understand and analyze Contemporary Indian Politics with special emphasis on such key issues as political party, election, terrorism, violence, religion, foreign relation and security in the backdrop of globalizing World.>>Detail

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