INDAS Photograph Database on South Asia (Experimental Phase)

INDAS Photograph Database on South Asia (INDAS_PhotoDB, FY2012) is an on-going collaborative project for digitising and encouraging wider use of valuable photographs, dating back to the 1960s that have either been shot or collected by Japanese researchers of South Asian Studies. Under a unique tradition of field research in Japan, a collection has been made of innumerable photographs of ‘yesterday’s South Asia’ covering a wide range of topics. Unfortunately, most of them remain hidden in cabinets and bookcases or in the corners of office rooms and studies while some of them lie scattered across different places or might even have been lost.

INDAS_PhotoDB is an experimental project for building a database of valuable photographs that are in the custody of the various research centres that are participants in the INDAS program. A search engine, common for all the centres, will be included in the INDAS website and facilitate a single-point search of the valuable photographs, which are otherwise in the physical custody of the different centres.

By the end of its first year (March 2013), two of the INDAS research centres, at the Hiroshima (HINDAS) and Ryukoku (RINDAS) universities, had already participated in the project and the search engine had been set up for the INDAS website and linked to HINDAS and RINDAS databases. In the coming years, there are plans for expanding the number of centres and the inventory of photographs, as well as for improving the interface and functionality of the search engine.

For use of photographs, please follow the terms and conditions of the individual research centre that owns the rights to the particular photograph.

INDAS Research Material Committee

As of 30.04.2013, the following photographs are available in the database:

  • HINDAS: Fujiwara Kenzo Collection – 1648 photographs
  • RINDAS: Nakamura Hisashi Collection – 47 photographs

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Basic Use of The System

Region surrounded by the blue solid line represents a search filter block.
If you do nothing in each block, this block is not applied as a filter,i.e. ignored.
One or more search blocks can be selected (applied) together to filter the photo holdings.
If multiple blocks are applied, they are in a logical AND condition.

Photographer block: Select the name of the photographer in a pull down menu.

Multiple selections are applied in a logical OR condition.

Year block: Specify a year as "1980", or a period as "1980-1989", or "-1989", or "1980-".

Free Words block:Specify any word or phrase (separated by spaces).
Multiple words are applied in a logical AND condition.

Other blocks:Check one or more keywords as filtering conditions.
Multiple keywords are applied in a logical OR condition.