【KINDAS】 Joint Seminar of South Asia and Indian Ocean Studies / KINDAS

【日 時】2014年12月4日 16:00~18:00


【場 所】



 Speaker: Sanjay Srivastava (Professor of Sociology, Institute of Economic Growth)

 Title: Religiosity and New Urbanism in India.

This presentation explores the connections between contemporary practices
of religiosity and two of the most sociologically significant processes of
contemporary non-western life, viz., consumerism and the re-shaping of
urban life.

I broach the topic through specific ethnographic vignettes relating to a
religious theme park in Delhi, and gated communities and middle-class
religiosity. These vignettes allow me to both link the worlds of
religiosity, consumerism and new forms of urbanism, as well as position
the relationship within wider contexts where meanings of terms such as ‘the
state’, ‘citizens’, ‘tradition’ and ‘modernity’ are undergoing change.