【KINDAS】 International Workshop “Discussing India’s foreign policy under the Modi Government”

【Date】June 14, 2014; 13:00―18:10



Venue: AA447, Research Building no.2, Yoshida Main campus, Kyoto University

Chair: Kazuya Nakamizo (Kyoto University)

Introduction 13:00―13:10: Akio Tanabe (Kyoto University)

Session 1 13:10―14:20
K.V. Kesavan (Observer Research Foundation): “The New BJP Government and Major
Takenori Horimoto (Kyoto University): “Continuity and Change of India’s foreign

Break 14:20―14:30

Session 2 14:30—16:05
K. Yhome (Observer Research Foundation): “The New Regime under Modi and Regional
Kazutoshi Tamari (Kyoto University): “The Making of India’s Foreign Policy: Perspectives
from the Governmental Politics Model”
Tomoko Kiyota (Takushoku University): “India’s Military-Industrial Complex: Any Change
under the New Regime?”

Break 16:05―16:15

Session 16: 15—17:50(25+25+25+20)
Rishika Chauhan (Observer Research Foundation): “BJP and India's Nuclear Posture”
Hiroaki Nakanishi (Kyoto University): “Japan-India Civil Nuclear Energy Cooperation:
Implications of the new BJP government”
Satoru Nagao (Gakushuin University): “Nine Questions of India's Nuclear Strategy”

Concluding Session 17:50—18:10
Reception 18:30―

After the workshop, we will have a reception at 18:30.
If you would like to join us, please contact Kazuya Nakamizo (kazuyanakamizo@yahoo.co.jp) in advance


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