【KINDAS】International Seminar with Dr. Amiya Kumar Das/国際セミナー

【日 時】2014年5月22日(火)16:00~


【場 所】

京都大学 本部構内 総合研究2号館、第1講義室(401号室)
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Speaker: Amiya Kumar Das (Assistant Professor, Tezpur University, India)

Title: "Sociology of Governance: A Case Study from Assam, India”

It is well recognized that while all the rules and the policies of
governance are framed by the state, their implementation at the local
grassroots level is conditioned by a multiplicity of factors. This
paper examines how these factors condition the implementation of the
state policies and programmes at the local level by using the idea of
‘embeddedness’ emphasizing the inter-linkages among the state, the
society and the community.
Further, the paper examines the contemporary discourse on ‘good
governance’ by locating it in the agenda of neo-liberalism. It also
explicates the changing nature of the state under the impact of the
neo-liberal policies and the manifestation of this change in the
implementation and withdrawal of various welfare measures of the state
along with its implication on the everyday politics at the local
level. The paper also delves into the role of political parties,
pressure and interest groups, and the middle men (dalaal) in the
implementation of various schemes at different levels.