【Related Seminars】KIAS“How Has Israel Become the Darling of the Right-Wingers?”

【Date】Thursday, January 17, 2013 16:00~18:00



Conference Room, 4th Floor, Research Building No. 2, Kyoto University

*Access Map for Yoshida Main Campus, Kyoto University
*Access Map for Research Bldg. No. 2


Speaker: Prof. Dr. Yakov Rabkin (University of Montréal)
Title: "How Has Israel Become the Darling of the Right-Wingers?"

Chair: Prof. OKA Mari (Kyoto University)

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How has Israel Become the Darling of the Right-Wingers?
Yakov M. Rabkin, University of Montreal

The state of Israel was shaped and established by Ben-Gurion and his
comrades who considered themselves socialists.
Indeed, they created agricultural cooperatives (kibbutz), developed a
network of state enterprises, partly belonging to trade unions.
Israel’s socialists joined the Socialist International and appeared part
of the international left movement.
Thirty years later, Israel is admired by right-wing nationalists in
Europe and by radical Republicans in America as well as by neoliberal
economic elites around the world.
This paper presents an analysis of a broad gamut of factors, both
specific to the Zionist movement (early emphasis on ‘Hebrew labour’ and
‘Jewish state’) and more universal (dismemberment of the USSR and growing legitimacy of racism), which explain this seemingly incongruous transformation.



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