【INDAS】“Social Movements and the Subaltern in Postcolonial South Asi” [Japan-Edinburgh Workshop]

【日 時】2012年10月17日(水) 10:00〜17:20


【場 所】

Reception Room, McEwan Hall, University of Edinburgh


10:00-10:15     Registration (Tea/Coffee)
10:15-10:25     Welcome Address by Minoru Mio (National Museum of
Ethnology, Japan)
10:25-10:30     Aim of Workshop by Shinya Ishizaka (Kyoto University, Japan)

Morning Session
Chair: Akio Tanabe (Kyoto University, Japan)

10:30-11:20     Shinya Ishizaka (Kyoto University, Japan)
Re-evaluating the Chipko (Forest Protection) Movement in India

11:20-12:10     Jeevan Raj Sharma (The University of Edinburgh, UK)
Adivasi Janajati Movement and Ethnic Federalism in Nepal

12:10-13:00     Shahid Perwez (The University of Bath, UK)
The Rhetoric and Practice of Anti-caste Resistance in Coastal Andhra

13:00-14:00     Lunch

Afternoon Session
Chair: Aya Ikegame (The Open University, UK)

14:00-14:50      Kenta Funahashi (Kyoto University, Japan)
Living as a 'Minority': A Case of Buddhist-Dalits in Contemporary Uttar Pradesh

14:50-15:40     Radhika Govinda (The University of Edinburgh, UK)
Politicisation of Dalits in an Uttar Pradesh
Village:Exploring Narratives of Democracy from the Margins

14:40-16:30     Hugo Gorringe (The University of Edinburgh, UK)
From Untouchable to Dalit and beyond: New Directions in South Indian Dalit Politics

16:30-16:50     Tea/Coffee break

General Discussion
Chair: Minoru Mio (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)

16:50-17:05     Discussant 1: Akio Tanabe (Kyoto University, Japan)
17:05-17:20     Discussant 2: Crispin Bates (The University of Edinburgh, UK)

Workshop Dinner (at 49/5-6, West Nicolson Street)

Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Edinburgh
"Young Researcher Overseas Visits Program for Vitalizing Brain
Circulation" (JSPS, Japan)
"Contemporary India Area Studies (INDAS)" (NIHU, Japan)