【INDAS】”The Diversity-driven Path of Economic Development: Small-scale Production, Commodity Consumption and Socio-cultural Representation in Modern India”[International Workshop]

【日 時】2012年1月28日(土) 


【場 所】



1 "Young Researcher Overseas Visits Program for Vitalizing Brain Circulation”(JSPS, Japan)

2 "Contemporary Indian Area Studies (INDAS) "(NIHU, Japan)

3 "In Search of Sustainable Humanosphere in Asia and Africa" ( Kyoto University Global COE Program)

4 Department of Economic History, LSE


Opening addresses Minoru Mio (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan) Akio Tanabe(Kyoto University, Japan)

Aim of Workshop Takashi Oishi(Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Japan)

Papers The first three papers to be read in morning session, and the rest two in the afternoon one.

Takashi Oishi (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Japan) Intervention of Glass wares in Modern India: New Phase of Production/Consumpti on in Ornaments and Perfumery Oils, 1900s-1950s Discussant: Claude Markovits(Former Director of CNRS, France)

Urvashi Soni-Sinha(University of Windsor, Canada) Gendered Labour Process and Discourse: A Study of Hand-made Jewellery Producti on in India Discussant: Janet Hunter (LSE, UK)

Madhulika Banerjee (University of Delhi, India) Medicines in India: Diversity of Form and Production Processes with Special Re ference to Ayurveda and Other Medical Traditions in India. Discussant: Jonathan Liebenau (LSE, UK)

Sayako Kanda(Keio University, Japan) Competition and Changes in the Salt Market in Early Modern and Modern Eastern India: A Comparative Perspective Discussant: Anjana Singh (LSE, UK)

Srirupa Prasad (University of Missouri, USA) Famine, Fast, and the Fare: Food, Culture, and the Nation in Late Colonial Ben gal Discussant: Riho Isaka(University of Tokyo, Japan)

General Discussion Akio Tanabe(Kyoto University, Japan) Giogio Riello(The University of Warwick, UK)