【HINDAS】国際ワークショップ”Understanding the Dynamics of Kathmandu in the Context of Space and Livelihood of Contemporary South Asia”

【日 時】2014年5月18日(日) 9:45~17:00


【場 所】

上智大学四谷キャンパス 11号館 209号室 (広島大学ではありません。ご注意ください)

住所:〒102-8554 東京都千代田区紀尾井町7番1号



Explanatory note

MAHARJAN Keshav Lall (Hiroshima University)  9:45-9:50

1st presentation 9:50-11:00

Masako Tanaka (Sophia University)

“Inclusive Aid through Partnerships with Identity-Based Associations: A Case Study of Evolutional Process of a Trafficking Survivors’ Organization in Nepal”

Chairperson: Kenichi Tachibana (Ritsumeikan University)

2nd presentation 11:10-12:20

Tatsuro Fujikura (Kyoto University)

“Violence and Memory in Post-conflict Nepal: Preliminary Notes”

Chairperson: Mrigendra Bahadur Karki (Tribhuvan University)

Lunch Time 12:20-13:50(1h30mn.)

3rd presentation 13:50-15:00

Mrigendra Bahadur Karki (Tribhuvan University)

“Rajniti in the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal: Structural Homophily and II Constituent Assembly Election”

Chairperson: MAHARJAN Keshav Lall (Hiroshima University)

4th presentation 15:10-16:20

Ryukichi Ishida(Advisor, Dept. of Orthopaedics Ueda-Shimotanabe Hospital, Japan/Researcher, Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies (CNAS) Tribhuvan University, Nepal)

“Integrative Community Health Care in Thabang/Rolpa, beyond Health Inequities in Nepal”

Chairperson: MAHARJAN Keshav Lall (Hiroshima University)

5th presentation 16:40-17:50

Taeko Uesugi (Senshu University)

“Being Patriotic Agents for Deterritorialization of a Nation-State: An Analysis of the NRNA’s (Non-Resident Nepali Association’s) campaign”

Chairperson: Kazuyuki Watanabe (Ritsumeikan University)

6th presentation 17:50-19:00

Morimoto Izumi (Meiji Gakuin University)

“Preliminary notes on Social and Spatial Changes in Cities A Case of Historical Geography of Thamel, Kathmandu”

Chairperson: Tatsuro Fujikura (Kyoto University)





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