(Kaken Research Grant (A) “Zomia 2.0:Development, Ethnicity and Religion between Southeast Asia and South Asia”,
Kaken Research Grant (C)”The Great Hydraulic Transition: colonial engineers and modern rivers in South Asia”)

Borderland Journeys through Northeast India


Date: 19th-20th October 2019
 Kyoto University Yoshida Campus, Research Building No.2, AA401 (4th Floor)

Tarun Bhartiya’s films include Brief Life of Insects (2015, Mumbai International Film Festival, Best Sound Award); The Last Train in Nepal (2015, BBC4, RTSYorkshire award for Best Director, Factual);  When the Hens Crow (2013); Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (Royal Television Society Award, Best documentary series 2010), Tourist Information for Shillong (2007) as well as music videos for several Shillong bands.

He was a founder member of alt-space, an independent cultural and political space in Shillong, and is a member of Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR), a progressive people’s group in Meghalaya. He is a member and commissioning editor of Three Essays Collective, a small independent publisher.

He is a founder member of Raiot Collective which publishes Raiot,  www.raiot.in




Saturday 19th October, 2019

11.00- 11.15 am Welcome and Introduction

11.15 am 1st Screening: LA MANA [Not Allowed]

11.45- 12.30 pm: Chair Masao Imamura:  Q & A Session with Tarun Bhartiya

12.30-2.00 pm Lunch

2.15-3.00pm 2nd Screening: Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

3.00-5.00pm Roundtable Discussion

Chair: Masao Imamura

Discussants: Makiko Kimura, Mari Minamoto,  Aishwarya Sugandhi, Toru Tak  and

   Pallavi Bhatte   Rohan D’Souza,

Sunday 20th October, 2019


11.15 am 3rd Screening: When the Hens Crow and Brief Life of Insects 

12.15-2.00 pm Lunch

2.00-3.00pm 4th Screening: The Last Train in Nepal  

3.00-5.00pm Roundtable Discussion

Chair: Masao Imamura

Discussants: Makiko Kimura, Mari Minamoto, Aishwarya Sugandhi, Toru Tak  and

   Pallavi Bhatte   Rohan D’Souza