*The seminar bellow was cancelled.

【Date】10 March 2020  15:00-
【Venue】Kyoto University Research Building No.2, 4F, AA447
(https://www.asafas.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/campus_maps/ (Please see Hyakumanben Campus))

Title: Gandhi and the Regime of (Human) Rights
Presenter: Vinay Lal (History Department, UCLA)
Abstract: Though Gandhi is routinely invoked as a key figure in the history of anti-colonialism, as a champion of human rights, and as the supreme advocate of the idea of nonviolent resistance to oppression, he could not abide by the idea of “rights” and in particular “human rights” as it is ordinarily understood.  Indeed, we may even say that Gandhi was a rigorous critic of the notion of “rights” and of the framework of humanist thinking within which it is embedded. This seminar traces briefly the evolution of the idea of “rights” in the West and the notion of rights-talk before moving to a more detailed exposition of Gandhi’s thinking on rights, his philosophical, ethical, and political reservations about the idea of rights, and his anticipation of the Anthropocene.