【Date】Saturday, June 22, 2019 13: 30-17: 10

【Venue】Waseda University Building No. 19, 6F 610
access: https://www.waseda.jp/top/access/waseda-campus
Location of Building 19 (Graduate School of Asia-Pacific) (Building 19 in the map):


13:30~14:00 Meeting(KINDAS Group 2 members only)

Vindu Mai Chotani(The University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Low and Politics)
“Making Sense of a Complex Indo-Pacific: Prospects and Challenges of India-Japan Cooperation”(40 minutes)
Comment: Mari Izuyama (National Institute for Defense Studies) (10 minutes)
Discussion: (40 minutes)

(15:30~15:40 break)

Nidhi Prasad(Graduate School of International Politics, Economics and Communication, Aoyama Gakuin University)
“A New Paradigm of India-Japan Relations: Managing Strategic Partnerships and Modifying International Security”(40 minutes)
Comment: Horimoto Takenori(Gihu Women’s University)(10 minutes)
Discussion: (40 minutes)

(17:45~ Dinner)

【Contact】KINDAS Office (ITO: ito-s[at] asafas.kyoto-u.ac.jp)

 *Participation by non-INDAS members is also welcome. Please inform us your name, affiliation and contact address in advance.