The Center for South Asian Studies at Kyoto University (KINDAS) will serve as the central hub, organising and coordinating the collaborative research activities of the INDAS network. We will cooperate with the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS) at Kyoto University, and will actively foster younger researchers in South Asian studies.
In order to achieve these purposes, Kyoto University has organized two research groups under the general theme, ‘Environment and Politics in South Asia’, while setting up a convener’s oce to provide overall coordination for INDAS activities. The rst research group, which focuses on ‘Population, Resources, and Environment in South Asia’, aims to understand the interrelationships between nature and ecosystems, society and culture, and politics and economics, and how they have changed historically, employing a comprehensive, long-term perspective. The second research group, which concentrates on ‘Democratic Politics and International Relations of South Asia’, examines the nature of democratic politics in South Asia as a whole, and also promotes research on South Asia’s international relations.

Kyoto University (KINDAS) Center Hub

Research Topic: Environment and Politics in South Asia
Research Group 1: Population, Resources and Environment in South Asia
Research Group 2: Democratic Politics and International Relations in South Asia