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【Date】Saturday, December 19 (9:30-18:00) – Sunday, December 20(9:30-15:30)
【Venue】Seminar Room #5, Second floor, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka

【Organizer】Contemporary India Area Studies by National Institute for the Humanities(Museum of Ethnology)

【Contact】indas_office[at]asafas.kyoto-u.ac.jp, Please change [at] to @.

[Day 1: Dec. 19 (Sat.)]
09:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:15 Opening Addresses
Narifumi Tachimoto(President, National Institutes for the Humanities)
Koichi Fujita (Convener, INDAS)

10:25-13:30 Session 1: Sustainable Development
Chair: Koichi Fujita (Kyoto University)

K. Palanisami (International Water Management Institute, India)
“Climate Change and Rice Yields: Analysis of the Impact and Adaptation Strategies in
13 Major Rice Growing States of India”
Daizo Sugimoto (Meijo University)
“Impact of Groundwater Depletion on Punjab Agriculture”
Comments: Ramesh Chand (National Institution for Transforming India, NITI Aayog, Goverment of India)
Atsushi Fukumi (University of Hyogo)
“Power Sector Reform in India: Current Status and Issues”
Comments: Kaoru Sugihara (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)

11:50-12:05 Tea Break

Takahiro Sato (Kyoto University)
“Livelihood Transformability in Villages with Poor Water Resources in India: Case of
Tamil Nadu”
Comments: K. Palanisami (International Water Management Institute, India)
Kazuya Wada (University of Nagasaki)
“Demographic Change and Women’s Status in India”
Comments: Kohei Wakimura (Osaka City University)
General Discussion

13:30-14:30 Lunch

14:30-18:00 Session 2: Inclusive Development
Chair: Hidenori Okahashi (Hiroshima University)

Kazuo Tomozawa (Hiroshima University)
“Has the Indian Automobile Industry Achieved ‘Inclusive Development’ of Employment? : Focusing on Contract-Based Workers in the State of Haryana”
R. B. Singh (University of Delhi, India)
“Sustainable, Inclusive and Peaceful Urban Development through Smart Cities in India: Challenges and Vision”

15:30-15:45 Tea Break

Maya Suzuki (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
“Exclusivity rather than Inclusion: Dalit Assertion in Contemporary Urban India”
Janaki Nair (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)
“The Real ‘Brain Drain’: Schools and the Experience of Democracy in Contemporary India”

16:45-17:00 Tea Break

Comments: Etsuro Ishigami (Fukuoka University)
Toshie Awaya (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
General Discussion

18:20-19:50 Reception

[Day 2 December 20 (Sun.)]

09:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-13:30 Session3: Peaceful Development
Chair: Minoru Mio (National Museum of Ethnology)

Akihiko Akamatsu (Kyoto University)
“Doxography and Perspectivism in Pre-Modern India”
Anna Bigelow (North Carolina State University, USA)
“Pious Pluralism: The Culture of Multireligious Shrines in India”

11:00-11:15 Tea Break

Raheel Dhattiwala (University of South Australia, Australia)
“Next-Door Strangers: Explaining ‘Neighbourliness’ between Hindus and Muslims in a Conflict Setting”
Takenori Horimoto (The Open University of Japan)
“India’s Thucydides Trap?”

12:15-12:30 Tea Break

Discussant: Katsuyuki Ida (Kanazawa University)
Kazuya Nakamizo (Kyoto University)
General Discussion

13:30-14:30 Lunch

14:30-15:30 Concluding Discussion
Chair: Minoru Mio (National Museum of Ethnology)

Organized by NIHU Program “Contemporary India Area Studies” (INDAS), Japan