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【Related Event】2nd Sikkim University-Kyoto University Joint Workshop

May 8 @ 3:00 PM - May 10 @ 11:30 AM


Date: May 8th (Mon)- 10th (Wed), 2017
Venue: Research Administration Building B1F, Kyoto University
Organizers: The Hakubi Center, Kyoto University & Sikkim University (India)
Others: Open to public / No reservation required (Language Used: English)


5/8 (Mon) 15:00-17:00  Education, Cultural Diversity (Chair: RAPPLEYE)

(1) Sandhya THAPA (Sikkim University)
“Multiculturalism, Cultural Diversity, and State Policies in Sikkim”

(2) Tadashi NISHIHIRA (Kyoto University)
“Views of Reincarnation: The Perspective of Bhutanese Youth”

(3) Tatsuro FUJIKURA (Kyoto University)
“Modernity, Cultural Diversity and the Politics of ‘Inclusion’ in Nepal”

(4) Jeremy RAPPLEYE (Kyoto University)
“Reincarnations of Western Models for Nepalese Development: Some
Sketches for Comparative Research in Education”


5/9(Tue)10:00 – 12:00  Religion, Law, Society (Chair: OKITA)

(1) Seiji KUMAGAI (Kyoto University)
“The Outline of the History of Buddhism in Bhutan: With a Focus on the
Drukpa Kagyu School”

(2) Charisma Karthak LEPCHA(Sikkim University)
“Changing Realities of the Traditional Lepcha Religion”

(3) Denkila BHUTIA (Sikkim University)
“Protection of Old Laws of Sikkim under Article 371F: A Constitutional

(4) Miguel ALVAREZ-ORTEGA (University of Sevilla / Kyoto University)
“Buddhism and Law as New Research Field: Legal Philosophical
Conceptions among Tibetan Buddhist Scholars in Nepal”

5/9(Tue)14:30 – 16:00  International Relationship (Chair: GRUBER)

(1) Tanka B. SUBBA (Sikkim University)
“Significance of Keeping the Tibetan Kettle Boiling from Indian Perspective”

(2) Yusuke BESSHO (Komazawa University)
“How Can We Analyze ‘Chinese-ness’ Which Exudes into South Asian
Society?: From the Perspective of Tibeto-Himalayan Ethnic Groups”

(3) Toru TAK (Kyoto University)
“China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Its Impact on Kashmir and
South Asia”

5/9(Tue)16:00 – 16:30  Medical Service

(4) Ryota SAKAMOTO (Kyoto University)
“Village Health Worker in the Kingdom of Bhutan”


5/10(Wed)10:00 -11:30  Multilateral Aspect around Sikkim (Chair: DEROCHE)

(1) Kazushi IWAO (Ryukoku University)
“Diplomatic Process of Sino-Tibetan Peace Treaty (821-823)”

(2) Keisuke HUZIWARA (Kyoto University)
“In Search of the Lost Meaning: ‘Chakpa’ of Manipur and Beyond”

(3) Tatsuya NAKANISHI (Kyoto University)
“Chinese Expressions of the Umma, or the Global Muslim Community”



【Contact】Hakubi Center(kiyokazu.okita@googlemail.com



May 8 @ 3:00 PM
May 10 @ 11:30 AM
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Research Administration Building B1F, Kyoto University